Decorating your Christmas Tree with Meaning

Do you remember the joy and emotion each year when decorating the Christmas tree? All the tinsel and white baubles. What did they propose? Were they beautiful decorations? This year put sense into your tree decoration. At the stated time, teach your kids the true definition of Christmas.

Add a string of colored lights. These signify the various people and states of the world. Also, that Christ showed us to be a light for the remaining of the world. Originally the tree,  Usually an evergreen pine tree. The evergreen is signifying the continuing life we have in Christ. The green color is a description of new life and a new start. Start with a string of white lights. These mean how Jesus came to the earth to be a light to all.

Gold tinsel symbolizes that we are the authority. Sons of the King of Kings. Now add candy canes. There are some relationships hidden in a simple candy cane. The cane is like Shepard’s crooks. Christ came as the Shepard for his pack. He was also the yearling led to the cross for us. Then the colors red and white.

Jesus shared his original house with cattle and probably goats. Why not hang a few of these too? Angels were the angels to Mary, Joseph, and the Shepards. Get your kids to make their angels hover on the tree? The star of Bethlehem lead the smart men to baby Jesus. Hang many stars – both huge and little – in the tree.

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To top it all – put a star, angel or gold skull in the upper part of your tree. Still, have free space available? Then consider some other things like a tiny Bible, manger, camels, donkey, purple banners meaning royalty, etc. Ask your kids for their opinions & ideas too. They may just amaze you with their insight.

Christ shed his blood (red) to clean us as white as snow (white). If there are green bands in the cane, this means the permanent life we have in Jesus. Get tiny sheep and tie speaking gut on them to hang them in the tree. We are all Christ’s sheep that he came to protect. Also, he was the lamb led to the cross for us.

Gifts were taken to the baby. Cover little boxes in gray wrapping paper to add color and diversity to your tree. Christ came to earth to die for us so we could have eternal life. Make a few crosses from branches of wood and attach them to your tree.

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