Bachna Ae Haseeno – Bollywood Movie Review

The motion picture Bachna Ae Haseeno is delivered by enormous pennant Yashraj Films and is coordinated by Siddarth Anand henceforth there are awesome desires, however quite recently to keep you educated there has been an endeavor to make the film diverse, yet seems to have similarity to the 1965 motion picture named Teen Devian (Starring Dev Anand, Nanda, Kalpana and Simi Garewal).

The motion picture is about a Casanova character with three ladies through various phases of in his life. He discard two of them just to be dumped by the third. In the process he happens to take in the features of adoration and of life. The primary issue is in the early youngsters where Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) meets Mahi (Minnissha Lamba) in Switzerland wherein the couple misses the prepare and left into every others organization. The second undertaking is in the twenties where Raj who is working in Mumbai, has a live-in association with an attractive darling Radhika ( Bipasha Basu) and does not have any desire to be conferred. He dump her and moves to Australia. The third issue is in the thirties with Gayatri ( Deepika Padukone) a taxi driver, who is not under any condition intrigued by Raj.

It’s Gayatri’s ‘NO’, which makes Raj consider over his past and he is overcome by blame. He chooses to backtrack to his exes with an aim of looking for pardoning from them. Just to discover Mahi wedded to Joginder ( Kunal Kapoor) and having two children. Mahi isn’t content with the marriage, Raj does his part and figures out how to rejoin the couple in adoration. Radhika is currently a star called Shreya, on observing Raj she gets more goaded. She is dead set on showing Raj a lesson and no measure of coaxing or apologizing appears to work. Does Raj get absolution or not? How do Mahi and Radhika respond?

Bachna Ae Haseeno by one means or another appears to do not have the sentiment plan of Yashraj Films and the screen play doesn’t appear to be incredible with a great deal of disengage in the on-screen occasions. The executive Siddarth Anand offers incredible visuals and has figured out how to draw some fine exhibitions. Vishal-Shekhars music approves of intervals from R D Burmans sytheses. With dazzling districts of Australia and Switzerland the cinematography by Sunil Patel is justified regardless of a specify. Exchanges have been awesome.Download Shivaay Movie torrent

You could likewise feel sprinkled hints of DDLJ, Salaam Namaste in the film. Overall Bachna Ae Haseeno has a snappy intriguing first half, powerless and awkward second half. A much more grounded second half would have given the motion picture a greatly improved possibility at film industry, particularly to legitimize the buildup which was made in the promos.Ranbir Kapoor has definitely stolen all the spotlight with his execution and is probably going to set numerous hearts on shudder this time without dropping a towel. Among the women, its Bipasha Basu who plainly emerges and there is no hint of the much talked age contrast consider their on-screen science is sizzling, she is recently getting into right parts now. Minnissha Lamba has scored a point in the enthusiastic scenes. Deepika Padukone has a crude arrangement as her part is not that persuading, but rather she without a doubt looks dazzling. Kunal Kapoor has done his part effectively.


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